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The Don't Harsh My Mellow® Brand

"Don't Harsh My Mellow" sometimes has a slightly different meaning for each individual.  However, the basic definition is:

    Don't Harsh:  "don't mess with"

    My Mellow:  "my chilled-out state of mind"

Some other common interpretations are:  "don't bring down my good mood", "don't mess up my relaxed state of mind" and "don't get on my nerves".  There are many ways to interpret the phrase but the most important thing to remember is that it's always used in a fun and light-hearted way...

Don't Harsh My Mellow« has gone main-stream.  Its popularity has grown exponentially and continues to explode.  The phrase or some variation of it (the lingo) can be found in publications such as Time Magazine and others.  It has been used by various celebrities in their television shows.  Charlie Sheen, star of the hit TV series Two and a Half Men, has used it in two episodes, twice in one of them.  Steve Carell, star of the hit series The Office, has used it in one episode.  Alec Baldwin, star of the hit series 30 Rock, has used it in one episode.  Jay Mohr, star of the hit series Gary Unmarried, has also used it in one episode. The terminology is even used in a number of Fox News Glenn Beck's reports and interviews. Even more recently, the terminology has been used on the new series Rules of Engagement. 

T he Don't Harsh My Mellow« Brand of products was created by Jack and his business partner down in South Florida.  Jack then known as Kicken' Back Jack was born and raised down there.  He was always the unconventional type to say the least.  His first vehicle at age 16 was a purple jeep, a mail jeep to be specific, purchased from the U.S. Post Office.  The steering wheel was on the right side and was purple!  (He eventually sold it to his high school football coach.)  It was known around town as "The Purple Haze".  His unconventional ways never did change.  Later on in life Jack purchased a car on eBay and had it delivered!

Anyway...the phrase Don't Harsh My Mellow« was first used by Jack at a Grateful Dead Show (aka concert) in 1989.  It was the last show ever performed at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley California.  He was with several buddies he has known since the 7th grade.  They are more like brothers to him than friends (their names have been excluded to protect the guilty).

This group of Grateful guessed it...were unconventional.  While the traditional Deadheads would follow the band around the country in V.W. Vans converted into living quarters, this crew had a different modus operandi.  They lived dual lives - luxury home builders, attorneys, and Wall Street dudes Monday through Thursday and authentic Deadheads Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  They flew instead of drove and stayed at some pretty nice hotels.  They got a kick out of watching the expressions on the faces of the other hotel guests when they saw 10 guys wearing tie-dyed tee shirts and "interacting" with everyone that crossed their path.  These guys were in touch with their Inner Hippie and knew they were not the suit and tie types at heart.  Once at a Show - they seamlessly acclimated into the so-called subculture.  They were at home and completely free of society's definition of whom and what they should be.  You might say they reinvented what it means to "follow" The Dead.

They frequently ran into many of the more traditional followers of the band at various venues from coast to coast.  They first met a guy in Tampa, Florida, whom they quickly named "The Mushroom Man".  They bumped into him at the Berkeley show 6 weeks later.

At the Friday nigh show, one of the guys (he knows who he is) kept voicing his displeasure over which specific song was being performed.  He felt the need to let Jack know of his disappointment as each new song began that was not to his liking.  At the time Jack's state of mind was that of Extreme Mellow├óÔÇ×┬ó and he finally replied "Don't Harsh My Mellow«".

The Don't Harsh My Mellow« terminology has been used ever since.  The lingo is very contagious.  When used over the years at parties, in the workplace, on golf outings, concerts, and group settings of all kind; it always catches on and everyone begins using it.  You can even catch someone you don't know off-guard by saying something like "Am I Harshin' Your Mellow?"  You are guaranteed to put a smile on their face!  If You Speak It They Will Smile...

In 2007 Don't Harsh My Mellow«, LLC was formed.  Jack, the Chief Executive Mellowologist, hired the company's first employee.  His friend Angela, who is the Executive V.P. of Mellowology has helped him build this edgy and incredibly popular brand which is full of attitude yet light-hearted.  Don't Harsh My Mellow and over 100 related phrases have now been trademarked.  The word "harsh" has now become a verb.  The use of phrases like Don't Harsh My Mellow «, Why Ya Harshin' My Mellow«, Don't Be A Mellow Harsher«, What's With The Harshitude« and over 100 others have now become culturally popular across all age groups and cultures (click on Shop by Phrase to see them all in one place).  Its more than just lingo - we've practically created a new language!  If You Speak It They Will Smile...

That's our history and the origin of our brand.  By the way, its hard to believe but our logo took forever!  We call it our "Mellow Swoosh".  Some call it the Peace Sign of the 21st century...what do you call it?

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.  We'd like to show you our appreciation by giving you a promo code for 10% your entire order.  Simply include the following promotion code at check out:  OURSTORY.

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